You Should Know

Hearing loss might affect anybody at any age, due to heredity, medical conditions, or loud noise exposure.

This simple test will help you identify a potential hearing problem or early signs of hearing damage, especially your ability to hear in a noisy background.

Of course, this online hearing test is not a replacement for a precise hearing test by a qualified hearing care professional, and the result is not a substitute for an in-depth report of your hearing ability performed by a qualified audiologist.

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Better results are obtained while you are in quiet surroundings

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How the Test Works

During the four stages of the test, you will hear a combination of three numbers with a noise background vary in each stage

Please type in the numbers you hear each time - even if you need to guess - using your device’s keypad or the keypad provided in the test.

The number keypad will look like this one:

The Test

Press (Play) to begin the hearing test. Wait for the noise to finish then enter your answer.

You must type 3 digits – even if you need to guess