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Hearing Aids for Every Unique Case

Whether you’re looking for new hearing aids, or you’re helping someone else to choose the proper hearing aids for any level of hearing loss, you’re in the right place! hearing aids options are becoming wide and various, it varies in size, shape, style, color and price. In all cases, your hearing care professional will help you to select the right one after a comprehensive counseling session to understand and analyze your hearing needs. But what are the options available? Here we tell you more about Star Key hearing aids we deliver across all UAE.

Invisible - The Smallest in the World

That no one will know about it except you! sets inside your ear(s) and gives you smooth hearing. available in different colors, providing tinnitus solution, and wirelessly connected.

Invisible Hearing Aids in handInvisible Hearing Aids in hand Wave
Artificial intelligence Hearing aids Livio AI Starkey in UAEArtificial intelligence Hearing aids Livio AI Starkey in UAE Wave

The only Artificial Intelligence in the World

The first hearing aid in the world with Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Sensors Technologies that redefines what hearing aids can do. This multi-purpose device gives you access to endless features that lets you live an enjoyable healthy life.

  • - Fall detection and alerts
  • - 27 languages translation
  • - Voice-to-text transcription
  • - Body and brain tracking
  • - Self check for hearing aid performance
  • - & more


The smallest rechargeable hearing aids in the world that ensures you will never be left behind without hearing. Comes with mini Turbo Charger that is pocket-sized, yet powerful charging option, providing grab-and-go convenience.

Rechargable hearing aidsRechargable hearing aids Wave
Wireless and tinnitus solution hearing aids in uaeWireless and tinnitus solution hearing aids in uae Wave

Wireless & Tinnitus Solution

If you have the annoying ringing in ears, then these hearing aids are the right one for you. The exclusive Multiex Tinnitus Technology will provide you with an immense relief for your tinnitus with wireless technology that makes the hearing aids as one system.

Smart Device Compatible

Now you can enjoy full streaming to your hearing aids with the smart device compatible option that allows you to connect your hearing aids with your smart device and have access to great features.

Smart Device Compatible Hearing Aids in UAESmart Device Compatible Hearing Aids in UAE Wave

How Do Hearing Aids Look Like on Your Ears

BTE Hearing Aids on Ear in RAK


RIC Hearing Aid on Ear in Abu Dhabi


CIC Hearing Aid on Ear in Sharjah


IIC Hearing Aids on Ear in Abu Dhabi


Happy Stories
Starkey Hearing Aids Testemonials in Abu Dhabi

Senegalese athlete tears of joy for hear- ing for the first time in his life with Star- key hearing aids during the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi last March

Starkey Hearing Aids Testemonials in Dubai

"I am delighted and happy for my hus- band and me, as we can now hear clearly for the very first time” said Rubina after being fitted with Starkey hearing aids


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