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The First Mobile Hearing Care Services in UAE

Hearing care services at your home door

Stay Home...Hear at Home

Because you are our top priority in all circumstances, we launched the first mobile hearing care services to serve you at your home door anywhere in the UAE.

The vehicle is fully equipped with the latest equipment to provide full hearing care services for hearing-impaired at the comfort of their own private home.

The launch of Star Key mobile hearing care vehicle comes in accordance with our commitment to supporting the national efforts and initiatives of the UAE government, such as “Stay Home” and the “National Home Screening Program for People of Determination”.

WHY Star Key Mobile Hearing Care Services?

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Keep You Safe

Stay home and we come to you

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Save Your Time

No more waiting time

Cover all UAE icon

Cover all UAE

Reach all people living anywhere in the UAE

mobile clinic for locals and residents in UAE from all nationalities

For Everyone

Ready to serve kids, adults, elderly, & People of Determination

Complete and full hearing care services offered by mobile hearing clinic

Complete Hearing Services

Comprehensive hearing tests at your home door

Advanced hearing technology and ENT equipment

Advanced Hearing Care

Fully equipped with the latest equipment & technology

WHAT do you get?

Star Key Hearing Care Mobile Service offers various hearing care services in a unique vehicle ready to provide services from hearing testing, hearing aids fitting and hearing aids follow up appointments, all are done at the comfort of your own private home door. For those who have mobility issues the quality of hearing care is improved when the center comes to you.

hearing test for an adult - testing sound frequencies the patient hears in a soundbooth room

Adults Hearing Tests

various hearing test for kids and pediatric without sedation

Kids & Pediatric Hearing Tests

tympanometry test for adults to measure ear pressure

Tympanometry Test

video otoscopy for kids and adults to check any infection or wax inside the ear

Video Otoscopy

hearing aids fitting and adjustment provided in Star Key mobile hearing clinic

Hearing Aids Fitting & Adjustment

real ear measurement to check the hearing aids efficiency

Real Ear Measurement

hearing aids repair and maintenance provided at Star Key mobile clinic

Hearing Aids Repair

a kid performing ABR test at Star Key Mobile Clinic

ABR Test without Sedation

custom earmolds produced at star Key Mobile Clinic

Custom Earmolds Production

Latest Hearing Technology & Equipment

The vehicle is fully equipped with the latest technologies and wireless equipment that enable the capability of providing comprehensive, immediate, and smooth mobile hearing care services. We strive to offer a complete advanced environment for our patients to deliver the utmost hearing care services.

Wireless Tympanometer

Tympanometer for middle ear screening tests

The wireless tympanometry is a lightweight, compact and powerful device, designed to conduct middle ear screening tests simply, swiftly and accurately. It is capable of performing automatic tympanometry exam, providing a seamless experience inside the mobile center.

Real Ear Measurement System

advanced real ear measurement system

The advanced and easy-to-use Real Ear Measurement & Fitting system, is capable of performing quick and accurate in-situ measures, thanks to its small lightweight probes and its built-in amplified speaker. It is also incorporating a diagnostic audiometer for carrying out air, bone, free field and speech audiometric exams.

Wireless Video Otoscope

Delfion Video Otoscope Inventis

The high-quality wireless video otoscope is used to diagnose common otologic conditions. It captures and store top quality images of the ear canal clearly on a display screen. Maximum patient and operator comfort are guaranteed by wireless functionality.

Mobile Soundproof Booth

Puma Mobile soundproof room 

The ideal solution for providing quiet noise-reduced space for accurate hearing screening inside the mobile center, and a comfortable atmosphere for both kids and adults while performing the hearing tests diagnosis.

Wireless Programmer

SurfLink Wireless Programmer from Starkey

The SurfLink Programmer gives the ultimate speed and flexibility in direct-to-hearing aid wireless programming. This powerful and fast programmer connects easily to the computer and automatically detects hearing aids instantly. It also features a range of at least 6 meters, allowing patients to move around during counseling and demonstrations.

Wireless ABR

a kid performing ABR test 

With unique noise-reduction technology and wireless convenience, the wireless ABR provides reliable quick and accurate auditory brainstem response and otoacoustic emissions assessment without the need for sedation.


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