Star Key Hearing was pleased to host the launch of Livio AI, the world’s first hearing aid that utilizes artificial intelligence and integrated sensors with 29 language translations, including Arabic – performing tasks that normally require human intelligence, at the Yas Circuit in Abu Dhabi on 9th March, 2019. The global launch ceremony was attended by William Bill Austin, founder of Starkey Hearing Technologies and Starkey Foundation, and his team from the US, Starkey MEA team, Starkey suppliers and partners from more than 12 countries in the region, UAE medical and technology leaders, as well as representatives from UAE health authorities.


Livio AI is the world’s first Healthable™ and multi-purpose hearing aid, designed not only to help users hear better, but also live a better healthier life with innovative features that include body and brain activity tracking, fall alert and detection, and Hearing Care Anywhere™.


The global launch includes a brand-new mobile app—Thrive Hearing Control; and three new wireless accessories—the Starkey Hearing Technologies TV, the Remote and the Remote Microphone+. With the Remote Microphone+, Livio AI features Amazon Alexa connectivity.


Bill Austin, Founder and CEO of Starkey Hearing Technologies said: “I have always dreamed about making a monumental positive impact on society. Livio AI and its Fall Alert feature will not only provide peace of mind to caregivers but could potentially save lives all over the world.”


Mohammed Kettaneh, CEO of Star Key Hearing, said “the availability of the Livio Ai in the Arab world after its first launch in the US and Canada, speaks volumes about Starkey’s commitment to the region. The UAE is the right location to launch the futuristic product”.