Have you got your new hearing aids recently? Probably you’re feeling uncomfortable with the new situation you have been in lately. Don’t worry, this is normal, unlike eyeglasses, which give you immediate, positive results the moment you put them on, hearing aids usually require a short transition period. How they feel, how they sound, even getting in the routine of wearing them every day takes practice.

With time, patience, and experience, you’ll come to understand all the benefits these powerful “minicomputers” can have on your life. Here we recommend you some tips on how to deal with your hearing aids.

Be Patient

Do not get discouraged or give up! It often takes weeks to get comfortable wearing your new hearing aids.

Because you haven’t heard normal sounds and noise for a while, the sounds amplified by your hearing aids may be strange: metallic, tinny, and unnatural. This is due to your ability to hear the high-frequency speech sounds like “t,” “f,” and “s” that you have been heard differently for years.

Your brain will need to adapt again with the high-frequency sounds of speech and environmental sounds you’ve been missing. When you begin using hearing aids, it may take four to six weeks to transition to the new sounds you’re hearing, thus be patient as much as you can, with time you will get adapted more and more.


Understand the purpose of wearing hearing aids

It’s important to know that hearing aids will not let you hear as you did with normal hearings. Focus on your enhancement, not on those negative times when your hearing aids don’t let you hear what you want to hear. The function of your hearing aids is to help you hear better, not perfectly.

The mechanical sounds you hear are normal. These sounds are the soft, high-frequency sounds you have been missing for a while. Be patient while your brain gets readapt with these sounds.

In the beginning, your voice may sound strange to you. Some wearers say that at first, they sound like they are in a barrel. In time, it will sound more natural.

Practice how to deal with your hearing aids

One of the most common disciplines to almost everyone who successfully makes the transition to hearing aids is practice. It is an investment that will require time. However, you’ll soon be able to go on with your life without thinking about your hearing.

There are activities and exercises specifically designed to help with personal hearing training. By following the weekly assignments recommended by your hearing professional, you can speed up the adjustment and help ensure long-lasting listening performance and comfort.

Act with a positive attitude with your hearing aids

Efforts and a positive attitude are critical to improving your hearing. Much of the success with your hearing aids will depend on your desire to learn and intention to increase your ability to hear. To achieve better hearing, you must work at it daily. The ability to hear again has to be relearned, not just purchased.