Who We Are

Star Key Hearing LLC (SKH) is a leading hearing care service provider based in UAE established in 2015, aims to provide audiology and hearing evaluation services and cutting-edge technology hearing devices to patients under both government and private healthcare institutions as well as to private individuals. SKH is committed to delivering professional, quality hearing healthcare while giving relevant education and awareness regarding the early identification and rehabilitation options for hearing loss.

With the best and skilled healthcare specialists in our centers located in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Dubai, we are confident that we can deliver the holistic method of audiology service and making our best efforts to help in achieving a better hearing. We are currently affiliated with esteemed companies to provide our clients with easy access to their hearing concerns continuously.


Star Key Hearing intend to increase the awareness of the hearing impacts on people's lives by enabling robust strategies and developing advanced, high tech and effective products and services to meet people needs and improve patient care.

Star Key Hearing also aims to strengthen the private and government sectors’ cooperation to achieve valuable success in hearing matters toward a better life for everyone.


Star Key Hearing is established to help people with hearing loss issues live life like others; our well-trained team is committed to finding solutions for every challenging case, all new technologies are available under one umbrella that cares.